Supporting the World Bicycle Relief charity

I’ve long contemplated how my bike ride east can give back to society in a way that is meaningful to me. I considered (Flemish) charities on mental health, but felt I am not properly equipped to promote the message of said charities. While mental health is an important cause and I suggest that you have a look at others who support it (e.g. Hera Van Willick), I decided to support World Bicycle Relief as their mission strongly appeals to who I am and to what I hold important.

The message of a bicycle as a tool for education and social change struck a chord with me. Having been privileged to study extensively myself, I find it very fitting to give others the same chance as well. By donating bicycles to students in rural developing areas, students are less likely to drop out of school by saving time and improving school attendance and performance. Additionally, cycling also brings people together and is just a whole lot of fun. And who knows, perhaps one of the buffalo bicycles might be used for a bicycle tour one day. That would make the circle whole :).

Donate now!

Please find more information about how you may help by clicking on the Donate button above. I want to send a special thank you to Jan who was helped me with getting everything up and running, while generously hosting me at his place in Salzburg (it has made for a different rest day experience)! Tomorrow (Thursday), I’m getting going again!

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