Leaving home

Tomorrow morning I am setting off on my first multi-month bicycle tour. Tonight I am sleeping in my own bed for the last time in the next two months. Tomorrow this time I will be lying in my tent somewhere along the Belgian-French border as I make my way south. The last week has been filled with saying goodbyes to friends and family and with preparing the trip itself. Time has flown by and there has been little moment for reflection. Over the coming weeks, long autumn nights will provide many occasions for such reflections however.

A large part of the preparations was getting this website up and running, in order to inform (worried) family, friends and others. I intend to keep a public diary here, writing about experiences and reflections along the way. You can follow me on social media by clicking on the icons in the side bar. For those interested in the route, I have created The Route page. On the Where’s Floris page I intend to update my location once per day.

I would be lying if I write that there haven’t been doubts over the last few days. Knowing myself, something would be off if it were otherwise. Once I set off any remaining doubts tend to flow away with every revolution of the crank. Until the next update, from the road this time.

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